Live Poker: Cards, Logic, and Timing

Poker is a game of cards, logic, and manipulating your opponents. Well, under certain conditions it is. When you play live casino poker, the last part of the equation isn’t required. Because of the way these games work, you don’t need to bluff the dealer or make them call in a bad spot like you would at a regular poker table. Instead, you have to play the hand you’re dealt in the best way possible. From there, the dealer has to follow certain rules in order to play their cards accordingly.

So, what does this mean in practice? Put simply, it’s you versus the dealer in a heads-up showdown. There will be times when the best hand wins, there will be times when the dealer folds without a fight. It’s your job to find as many winning spots as possible. That’s where the cards and logic come into play. Live poker games are all about understanding the value of your hand and making the right moves at the right time.

Naturally, to do that, you need to know the rules. With that in mind, here’s are the steps you need to make when you play live poker online:

  1. Find a game and take your seat at the table.
  2. Make a bet that’s equal to or greater than the table minimum, but not more than the maximum. William Hill live poker tables let you ante up from a small amount.
  3. Wait to receive your starting cards and assess their relative value/their potential to make a well-ranked poker hand.
  4. Look at the dealer’s up cards and assess their relative strength in comparison to your hand.
  5. Decide whether you want to play or fold. Live poker strategy dictates that you fold when you’re weak and play if you believe you’ll win at a showdown or the dealer won’t qualify. If you play, you have to put in an extra bet.
  6. Once you’ve completed your moves, the dealer will reveal their cards. They will “qualify” if their hand meets a minimum standard. If that happens, a showdown takes place and the best hand wins. If you play and the dealer doesn’t qualify, you win by default.

Live Poker Payouts and Hands

The live poker cash games at William Hill Canada pay out in real money. Anyone that wins a showdown receives a payout on their first and second bets. Anyone that wins by default (i.e. the dealer doesn’t qualify) receives a payout on their first bet only.

The hand rankings for live poker from best to worst are:

  • Royal Flush
  • Straight Flush
  • Four of a Kind
  • Full House
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Two Pair
  • One Pair
  • High Card

Live Poker Online: William Hill Classics

Spectators can watch a live poker stream at William Hill without paying for the pleasure. However, if you want to put your skills to the test, you’ll have to pay to play. Our live casino lobby contains a variety of variants. From classics to modern innovations, you’ll have plenty of ways to battle with a live poker dealer online.

Exclusive WH Poker Tables

Our live exclusive tables allow you to play classic Casino Hold’em. Everything is done in-house, which means you get the best experience possible as you’re playing heads-up with our dealers. Your aim is to combine your two cards with the three in the middle to make a strong enough hand to beat the dealer.

Live Three Card Poker

Take one 52-card deck, deal three cards face-up to the player, and three face-down to the dealer. That’s the start of a three-card poker game. Once you’ve got your cards, you can place a second bet to play or fold. It’s impossible to make a full house or four of a kind in this game because you only receive three cards. However, everything else is the same and the best hand at showdown wins.

Live Side Bet City

This live poker game is slightly different to the rest. Instead of playing your hand against the dealer, you’re betting on whether seven cards will make a ranked poker hand. You can bet on the first three cards making a hand, the first five cards making a hand, or there being a ranked hand from all seven cards.

Alternatively, you can bet on no hand being made. The hand rankings are the same as other live poker tournaments and cash games i.e. from a royal flush down to a pair. Payouts range from 1X to 1,000X your bet, depending on how many cards it takes to make a ranked hand.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Live Caribbean Stud is a juiced-up version of its counterparts. That means you receive five starting cards instead of two. You can play or fold based on the strength of your hand. The dealer qualifies if their hand contains an Ace and a King or better.

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em

This live poker Hold’em game is a multi-street affair. That means you can make bets before the cards are dealt, as well as after the flop (first three community cards), the turn (fourth card), and the river (fifth card).

This dynamic is great because it means you can check or bet according to the strength of your hand as it evolves. In other words, you can pull back when things aren’t going your way or increase the pressure when it looks as though you’re about to make a strong hand.

We also offer a bonus bet version of this game. The main rules are the same. However, you can place an additional bonus bet that pays out prizes worth up to 1,000X if the first three cards dealt make specific hands.

Live Poker Canada: Join, Play, Interact

If you think you’ve got the skills to take on our live dealers, poker is the game for you. Regardless of whether you start with two cards or five, make standard bets or go for bonuses, we’ve got plenty of ways for you to play live poker at William Hill Canada.