Live Blackjack: Immerse Yourself in a Race to 21

Live blackjack is an interactive casino game that pits you against the dealer in a race to 21. The thing that’s different about these tables compared to our digital games is that you get to see the person you’re battling against. Through the power of webcams, RFID sensors, and onscreen overlays, you can make live casino bets via desktop or mobile.

How to Play Live Blackjack

It doesn’t matter if you’re at a single seat table or you’re enjoying a round of live multiplayer blackjack, the aim is always the same: to reach a total of 21. The nature of this card game is such that you’re not always going to hit 21. However, the goal is to get as close as possible without going over that total.

Each player starts with two cards, as does the dealer. In some variants the dealer only starts with one card, and in others they start with two. Whatever live blackjack rules are in play, you’ll only ever get to see one of the dealer’s cards at the start of the hand. Your job is to assess the value of your hand and make the right move. If you want to get closer to 21, you can hit and take another card. If not, you can stand on your current total.

If you’re dealt a pair, you have the option to match your opening bet and split them. This creates two separate hands from which you can hit or stand as required. Alternatively, if your starting total is 9, 10, or 11, you can double down. This requires you to match your opening bet. When you do that, you’ll receive one more card only.

The dealer can hit or stand once you’ve made your moves. As a general rule, live blackjack casino dealers must hit until they have a total of 17+. They don’t have the option to split or double down. If anyone at the table gets a total of 22+, that player goes 'bust' and loses automatically.

If no one busts, it’s a showdown to see who has a total closest to 21. If that’s you (the player), you’ll win a payout worth 1X your bet. If it’s the dealer, you lose your stake. If your starting cards are an ace + a 10/picture card, that’s known as blackjack and you’ll win 1.5X your bet.

Live Blackjack Online: William Hill Classics

The live blackjack tables at William Hill follow the basic structure outlined above. Therefore, whatever you’re playing, be it live blackjack tournaments or novel variants such as

Power Blackjack, you’re always shooting for 21. With that being said, here are the live blackjack dealers available online at William Hill:

Exclusive WH Blackjack Tables

Our live exclusive tables come in a variety of formats, including classic and infinite. Their defining feature is that they’re exclusive to William Hill. That means you only play against our dealers. This creates a more intimate experience. Moreover, because we’re in control, we’re able to tailor games to our community. That means you can bet either a small amount, or else a higher amount per round.

Live Infinite Blackjack

One table, many players. That’s the premise behind Live Infinite Blackjack. This is known as a one-to-many game, which means there is just one seat at the table. However, thanks to some clever technology, hundreds of players can speculate on the same hand. Basically, everyone sees the same hand, but you make your own decisions. This requires there to be a combination of live and virtual cards. Once the round is over, winners get paid and it’s on to the next hand.

Live Power Blackjack

Offering four live blackjack side bets, this variant is unique because all the 9s and 10s have been removed. Naturally, you’ll have to read some live blackjack tips to determine the best strategy. However, alongside standard wins, there are bonus bets that allow you to win up to 100X.

Live Speed Blackjack

This variant was designed to be 30% faster than other live blackjack tables. As well as cutting down the time in between hands, the order in which you receive cards will depend on how quickly you act. The faster you are, the sooner you’ll receive a card from the deck.

Live Free Bet Blackjack

This live blackjack real money game lets you split and double for free. The main feature of this game is that you’ll be given a free bet when your starting total is 9, 10, or 11. You can also get a free bet if you’re dealt a pair (except tens). This means you get the benefit of winning an extra bet without the risk. The trade-off here is that all bets are declared a tie if the dealer gets a total of 22.

Live VIP Blackjack

Anyone can join these tables, but you will need a sizeable bankroll to take part in the action. Betting starts at $100 per round and can go way above $1,000, which is why these games are made for high rollers.

Live Blackjack Canada: Join, Play, Interact

There are many ways to play live blackjack at William Hill Canada. From classic variants to modern innovations, you can race to 21 in a way that suits you. All you have to do is create an account, make a deposit, and start playing today.